Colonoscopy Prep Instructions

You will need to purchase these items below-these are all over the counter and you can find listed options of alternatives on the back of this sheet.

Miralax bottle (238 grams or 8.3 ounces)
(4) Dulcolax or bisacodyl tablets (5 milligram tablets)
(2) 32 oz. bottles of re-hydration (sports) drink except no red drinks (See back of this sheet for list of brands to choose from)

DAY ONE = one day prior to colonoscopy appointment

7:00 am

Begin clear liquid diet (list on back). Absolutely NO solid food or alcohol

10:00 am

Take 2 dulcolax tablets with water

3:00 pm

Take remaining 2 dulcolax tablets with water (do not crush or chew and do not take within 1 hour of taking an antacid

4:00 pm

Mix the bowel prep powder with both bottles of sports re-hydration drink. Before mixing, pour bowel prep powder in an empty pitcher or container and add rehydration drink. Chill if desired.

5:00 pm

Start to drink the Miralax. Drink (1) 8oz. glass every 15 minutes over a two hour period. Drink each glass quickly rather than drinking small amounts continuously. Continue to drink clear liquids the remainder of the evening.

DAY TWO = day of colonoscopy exam

  1. Starting two hours before your colonoscopy exam, stop ALL fluids. Take nothing (No Food or Drink) by mouth.
  2. For use of your medications, refer to orange medication instruction sheet enclosed.
  3. Call (585-461-2498) if you have any questions regarding any of these instructions.
  4. Arrive at your assigned time.

**We encourage clear liquid intake up to 2 hours before your procedure time**

CLEAR LIQUIDS (NO ALCOHOL): *Do not drink any liquid that is RED*

  • Water
  • Clear juices (apple, white grape juice, orange drink, white cranberry juice)
  • Black coffee or tea (no creamers) sugar OK
  • Bouillon or clear broth
  • Soda pop (Sprite, Ginger-ale, Mountain Dew), Gatorade (no red)
  • Jell-o (no red), popsicles (no red), Lemon Ice

BOWEL PREP TABLETS: (any of these brands)


  • These are the PILLS to take at the start of your bowel prep
  • Bisacodyl (Generic)
  • Dulcolax
  • Dulcogen
  • Alophen
  • Bisco-lax
  • Carters Little Pills
  • Colax
  • Fleet Bisacodyl
  • Modane


This is the liquid used to mix with the powder (below)

  • Powerade (contains less sugar than Gatorade)
  • Powerade zero (even less sugar, best for diabetics)
  • G2 (same amount of electrolytes as Gatorade, just less calories)
  • W-sport drink (Wegmans brand)
  • AllSport
  • HydraLife powder
  • Gatorade


This is the powder to mix with the liquid (above)

  • Glycolax
  • PureLax
  • ClearLax
  • Miralax

Please Note:

  • Please wear socks as it sometimes can get cool in the procedure room.
  • No nail polish on fingers only (you do not need to remove acrylic nails). The nail polish may interfere with the oxygen sensor that is placed on your finger.
  • Diabetics may use Powerade Zero as it contains less sugar than regular Powerade.