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Fall 2018 J-Pouch Support Group Meeting

Fall 2018 J-Pouch Support Group Meeting

Presenter: Chris DeNucci, MD One Foot in Front of the Other: Ultra-running with a J-Pouch Join us for a discussion with Dr. DeNucci as he describes his active lifestyle as an ultra marathoner with a J-Pouch. He will join us for a videoconference from San Francisco and talk about the challenges and rewards of running in long-distance competitions with a J-Pouch. 

COVID-19 Update:  Click here to learn more.

COVID-19 Update

During this challenging time, we want to send out a reminder that we are here for YOU! Please contact us at (585) 222-6566 for any concerns or issues. We are taking all safety precautions in office, including requiring face covering, but we are still seeing patients.

Note: Not all offices are operational, so please contact us before coming in. We hope to be fully functioning very soon!