Wound Care and Ostomy Specialists in Rochester, NY

Offering comprehensive wound and ostomy care services

Rochester Colon and Rectal Surgeons offer comprehensive services specific to the needs of patients requiring comprehensive wound and ostomy care. Our wound and ostomy clinic features convenient scheduling times, patient-centered care and dedicated, highly trained staff including our certified wound, ostomy and continence (WOC) nurse practitioner, Mrs. Marie A. Bianchi. Our clinic is designed to meet the needs of the active person with a new or existing colostomy or ileostomy. The enterostomal nurse practitioner meets with individuals and their families before and after surgery, and continues to provide ongoing education and support. Long-time ostomy patients may benefit from counseling, fittings, updated appliances and other services. For more information, contact our colorectal clinic at (585) 222-6566 and schedule an appointment today!

Our ostomy care services include:

  • Pre and Post-Operative Counseling – Helps prepare and assists patients in adjusting to life with an ostomy.
  • Appliance Fitting – Patients are fitted or refitted with appliances suited to individual needs.
  • Skin Problem Management – Treats skin irritation, pouching and other problems.
  • Support Resources – Provides patients with referrals to appropriate product suppliers and social support networks.

Schedule an Appointment for Ostomy Care Today!

For further questions and concerns contact Rochester Colon & Rectal Surgeons, P.C. if you would like to know more about our ostomy services. New patients may call (585) 222-6566 to request an appointment with our highly skilled providers at one of our seven locations.